Wallstreet, Credit: Aditya Vyas
Aditya Vyas

Leading with liberation, in policy and politics.

At Liberation in a Generation Action, we’re supporting a political movement that demands economic power for people of color.

Our work

Partnering with leaders of color, Liberation in a Generation Action is advancing a Liberation Economy agenda that centers the lives and livelihoods of Black and brown people. We need elected officials at the city, state, and federal levels who are committed to creating an economy we’ve never before seen — one built by and for communities of color that is free of exclusion, exploitation, and extraction.

Assess candidates and elected officials on their platforms, proposals, and policy choices.
Bolster grassroots political power through an economic agenda rooted in racial justice.
Fortify political pressure to advance transformative policies that center economic liberation.
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Co-hosted by Jeremie Greer and Solana Rice, the Raci$m Is Profitable podcast explores the economic, political, and popular culture structures that uphold economic oppression.
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