Too few elected leaders are spearheading an intentional, explicit political and policy push to disrupt cycles of oppression and secure economic liberation for people of color. Partnering with Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and Pacific Islander organizers, Liberation in a Generation Action is advancing a Liberation Economy agenda that centers the lives and livelihoods of communities of color. In the fight for liberation, we need city, state, and federal officials who are committed to providing a new economy — one free of the exclusion, exploitation, and theft — to people of color.


At LibGen Action, we are pushing elected officials at all levels of government to enact laws and build systems that can economically liberate people of color within a generation. We’re equipping political organizers, policy researchers and advocates, and progressive policymakers — of all races — with the information and accountability tools needed to end our oppression.

Ultimately, we aim to enact transformative policies that economically liberate people of color. We’re working to:

  • Bolster grassroots political power with racial economic justice analysis;
  • Fortify political pressure to advance policies that center economic liberation; and
  • Support grassroots leaders in evaluating candidates and electeds on liberation economy policies.


We see LibGen Action as a movement aggregator, calling for and building collective political action within and beyond a robust grassroots infrastructure. Clear on a Liberation Economy agenda, we’re supporting grassroots organizers in commanding the attention of local, state, and federal lawmakers across the nation to accelerate an antiracist economy and improve the economic reality endured by people of color.