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Episode #4

We All Belong

With Greisa Martínez Rosas of United We Dream, we explore the ever-changing definition of citizenship.

Episode 4: We All Belong

From the constant villainization of undocumented people to the misguided belief that we have to earn our civil, political, and economic rights, the idea of citizenship comes down to who belongs and who doesn’t. While people of color are still buying our freedom with our labor, white people get it from birth — and they get to redefine it and take it from us. We might dig into some legalities here, but we’re really trying to lift the curtain on why US citizenship is denied to so many and why it has yet to be fully realized for most Americans. People of color aspire to be part of this country, and we hold our democracy accountable to its promise. But we know that we don’t have democratic citizenship, and we damn sure don’t have economic emancipation either. Greisa Martínez Rosas of United We Dream joins us to call out the lies and speak all truth.

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