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Episode #2

Whose Money? Our Money

In conversation with PolicyLink's Demond Drummer, we explain why money is a public good that belongs to the people.

Episode 2: Whose Money? Our Money

We wanna talk about the fact that when it comes to money and paying for our fundamental needs in this country, scarcity is used as a racist lie. Yes, we should tax billionaires out of existence, but our government can afford nice things anyway. And by “nice things,” we mean taking care of people of color and consistently investing in our communities. Two years into the Covid recession, and Congress is still squabbling over how much they’re willing to spend to keep people safe, housed, and fed. We’re not here to get technical about monetary policy; we want to dig into the role of money and how it’s distributed. At the end of the day, it’s OUR money — the people’s money — to spend. The only thing we can’t afford is more oppression. Demond Drummer of PolicyLink joins us to call out this lie and name our truths.

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