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Episode #1

Work and Your Worth

Together with Lauren Jacobs, executive director of PowerSwitch Action, we explore how work determines our worth.

Episode 1: Work and Your Worth

From the expectations of grind culture to an obsession with Black excellence, the oppression economy tells us that we’re only valued — and valuable — if we work hard and produce, produce, produce. Part of the same flawed belief system as personal responsibility, we’re expected to meet impossible standards determined by who you are, where you’re from, what job you have, and what systems you have access to. It’s time to smash the illusion that keeps us building wealth for other people when we deserve to build it for ourselves. Hear this: You are and always have been worthy — of safety, security, and economic wealth and well-being. Lauren Jacobs, executive director of PowerSwitch Action, joins us to call out this lie and name our truths.

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